About Us

Candlewood Productions

We develop brand marketing, create custom websites, video, audio, 3D/2D animation and motion graphics that showcase the personality of individuals, small businesses and corporations.

WEBSITES: Do you want a sparkling portfolio or brochure site, or a full blown media delivery system with an ecommerce shopping catalogue? We can help you find your way with affordable, customized and integrated video delivery or archived systems and libraries, showcases or galleries, shopping cart, custom animations, motion graphics and photo galleries.

BRAND MARKETING: Do you need marketing assistance in Social media, Archiving, Editing, Copy, Content, Voice Over, Short ads, product portfolio or brochures, Personal video tributes and/or Memories videos? Social media, ads or content? We can help you at an unbeatable price.

3D/2D ANIMATION: Are you looking for cutting edge 3D/2D motion graphics in logo, video and animation production? We’ve worked with many national corporations and artists in bringing their productions to the cutting edge. Commercial Spots, Promo Spots.

VIDEO: From Music Video, Video Tours, Drone Video, 3D Animations. MUSIC: Production, recording, editing, songwriting, and more.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Video Production, Consulting, and Design.

Our Clients:

  • The Arts: Photographers, Painters, Sculptors, Jewelers, Illustrators
  • The Music Industry: Recording Artists, Recording Studios, Orchestras, Bands, Solo Vocalists, Radio
  • The Film and Theatrical Industry: Actors, Directors, Shows, Video Gallery/Delivery System
  • Professional Interactive Portfolios and Resumes for the discerning individual.
  • Small Businesses of distinction

Meet Our Team

We believe in 'WHAT' we do, and 'WHY' we do it: to help 'YOU' realize your dreams.

Donna Freeberg

Donna Freeberg

CEO, Marketing Director

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Creative Designer

Katie Freeberg

Katie Freeberg

Social Media